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Public Service

Being involved in our community is important to me because I strive to make our community a better place. We live here. We want to raise our families here. We take pride in it. Doing these kind of things will help keep the government out of it as we all know can be very wasteful and inefficient.

We adopted a highway to clean up. This was our eighth year. We do four pick ups a year. 

Here are some public services I am proud to be involved in:

New Hampshire State Representative (since 2014)
I felt the need to help make government smaller and tax people less. That’s why I’m running again as New Hampshire State Rep, as I have been since 2014.

Food Pantry Volunteer
I participated in 350+ Food Deliveries from the Center Harbor Food Pantry

Litter Pickups
We adopted a high way to clean up. We do four pick ups a year. (since 2011)

Beach Day
Since 2016, Beach Day is an annual fundraising event with Lakes Region Porcupines to raise money for a charity. For example, Lakes Region Humane Society. We chose them because they are a no-kill shelter and work 100% off donations

Toy Drive
I have been involved in launching the LRP Toy Drive since 2013. We saw a need with helping struggling families with Christmas. The first year, we helped 4 families with 8 kids and have been growing every year since. Now we do 35 families and between 80 and 100 kids.

Ham Radio
In an emergency, when all else fails, use Ham Radio. When the twin towers came down, they shut down the cell towers because they were afraid that more bombs would be set up, so they had to use ham radio. During Katrina, when their cell towers were blown down, Ham Radio Operators came in came in to help out. That’s why I do about 12 events a year. It helps to support Ham Radio for when an emergency arrives.

Central New Hampshire Amateur Radio Club (CNHARC)
As vice president of CNHARC, I take great pride in helping to make sure our community is prepared, should a disaster strike. I also like to help those interested in Amateur Radio to get their license.

Glen AldrichNH State Representative
Belknap County District 2 Gilford/Meredith